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Auto Detailing


 Great Details Auto Care doesn’t just offer car detailing. We provide detailing services for all types of vehicles ranging from cars and trucks to campers, boats & motorcycles. Our service is unmatchable because we are passionate about quality work and making our customers happy. Whether you need  interior and/or exterior detailing or any of our other services, we have what you’re looking for.

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Premium Detail

The Premium Detail is for you if you are looking to restore the beauty and value of your Vehicle inside and out. We perform a polish to remove light swirling, oxidation and light scratches from your clear coat. We deep clean your interior leaving your vehicle looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor!
  • Two bucket wash with PH balance soap
  • Paint decontamination (chemical & mechanical)
  • Wheels, tires & wells cleaned 
  • Clean & seal door jambs 
  • Polish exterior to remove light swirls & add gloss
  • Condition tires & trim
  • 9-12 Month paint protectant applied
  • Vacuum & clean cracks & crevices
  • Clean & protect interior hard surfaces  
  • Clean & condition leather
  • Shampoo/steam carpets & upholstery
  • Clean all windows

Maintenance Detail

​Our Maintenance Detail is a great choice for individuals looking to enhance their vehicle's appearance for a very affordable price. The maintenance detail begins with a foam prewash and two-bucket hand wash. This includes drying the vehicle using an air dryer and soft microfiber drying towels. Followed by a thorough vacuum and light dusting, then a streak free window cleaning. 

  • Two bucket wash & dry 

  • Tires cleaned & dressed

  • Door jambs wiped out

  • Interior vacuumed

  • Light dusting of interior

  • Clean all glass

​This package is for well maintained vehicles. Not recommended for vehicles that have been neglected, or are excessively dirty.

Basic Exterior Detail

This is not your average Detail. Your vehicle is pampered from beginning to end. Recommended for vehicles in which the paint is in very good shape and needs no paint correction.
  • Two bucket wash & dry
  • Paint decontamination (chemical & mechanical)
  • Wheels, tires & wells cleaned 
  • Clean door jambs 
  • Exterior glass cleaned
  • 6 Month paint protectant applied

Basic Interior Detail

​This package is geared towards interiors that might have been neglected for a while or need refreshed to make it feel new again.
  • Vacuum interior & trunk
  • Clean hard surfaces   
  • Cleaning of cracks & crevices
  • Leather cleaned & conditioned
  • Shampoo/steam upholstery
  • Inside windows cleaned

New Vehicle Protection Package

Why should I have a new vehicle protected by Great Details Auto Care rather than let the dealership prepare it?

Your new car may have sat in a lot for many months before being shipped to your dealer, then just given a basic clean before being sold. This clean-up is often done by people who don't have extensive training or access to the best products. Despite their best efforts, these people may actually end up harming your new vehicle by putting scratches and swirl marks onto your new paint.

The long-life protection products offered by many dealers are not necessarily the best available, and are usually applied by people with little or no training or don't have enough time to prep your vehicle correctly in the first place.  If the sealant is applied without giving your vehicle the correct preparation, then it reduces the effectiveness of the sealant, or seals in contaminants under the sealant which can degrade your paintwork. Spend the same or often even less money on a New Vehicle Protection Package from Great Details Auto Care and you will know that the highest quality products are being applied by professionals who specialize in this type of work, and who will make your new vehicle look truly amazing.

Choose from:
  • 1, 2, 3 or 5 year Ceramic Coating
  • Headlight and Trim Coating
  • Fabric protection
  • Leather protection
  • Glass Coating
Other Services
Headlight Restoration
Ceramic Coatings
Engine Cleaning
Paint Correction
Tar Removal
Paint Overspray Removal
Boat & RV Detailing 
Pet Hair & Odor Removal
Convertible Top Protectant

Pricing is dependent upon many factors, we encourage every customer to meet with us for an initial consultation prior to scheduling a service. This time will provide an important opportunity for us to discuss the vehicle’s condition, needs., your specific concerns, and allows us to answer any questions you may have. By seeing and identifying your needs, we can provide options that will exceed your expectations. 

Let the detailing professionals at Great Details give your vehicle the makeover it deserves.
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