Monthly Maintenance

Once your vehicle has had one of our exterior and interior detailing packages you can choose to join our monthly maintenance plan to keep your vehicle clean & shiney all year long!

Our monthly maintenance detail service include the following.  Additional services may be added to keep the vehicle as pristine as possible.  ​



  • Hand Wash 

  • Clean Wheels & Tires

  • Blow & Towel Dry

  • Wipe Down Door Jambs

  • Dress Tires

  • Clean Windows & Mirrors

  • Apply Spray Sealant

10% Discount on other services

maintenance detail.jpg

If you take your vehicle’s appearance seriously this is a great way to ensure it looks great all the time.


  • Vacuum Interior

  • Dust Dash, Doors & Leather Seats

  • Clean Floor Mats

  • Clean Windows & Mirrors

  • Apply Air Frahaner