Paint Correction

You Might have noticed your vehicles paint starting to look faded and not as bright as it once was, or have a new vehicle that is not as clear as it should be. At Great Details Auto Care we can help by removing swirls, oxidation, water spots and light scratches. 

Our training and process will produce high-quality work that you won't find elsewhere. Utilizing the finest nano-technolgy abrasives and professional tools on the market today, we are able to permanently remove surface defects, water etching and swirl marks. Many detailers simply hide the scratches and swirls using polishes and waxes with fillers, we remove them.  We spend a great amount of time fixing work done incorrectly or by untrained buffer operators from body shops, dealership prep departments and other detailers.

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Paint Correction
polishing paint

Based on your goals and the condition of your vehicles paint , different levels of correction can be performed.

1-Step polish

20-50% Correction

Removal of light swirling

 and enhance gloss 

2-Step Polish

50-75% Correction

Removal of medium swirls,

scratches and defects

3-Step Polish

75-95% Correction

Removal of heavy swirls,

etching and water spots 

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Buff & Shine
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After the paint correction is complete we can apply a paint sealant to protect the finish, or if your looking for longer lasting protection a Ceramic Coating.

swirl rewoval
needing polished

Due to the different vehicle conditions, defects and expectations of each customer A visual inspection of the vehicle is required for a price quote.